2015 Symposium Comments

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I am glad regarding my decision to attend the WCAJA Symposium. That reminds me of the idea that Daryl [Sharp] had, a few years after our graduation in Zurich, to propose a Canadian Association for Jungian Analysts. At that time, mainly those of Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver, I think. But I guess that we were not yet ready for such a “get together”!…For Genevieve and I, these ten days in the Banff area have been just marvelous. And the Symposium being an important moment, crucial maybe, in the history of analytical psychology in Canada!
~ Marcel Gaumond, Quebec

It was such a great pleasure to see everyone at the Symposium and to be an active participant.  Thank you for your great work !!!
~ Beaty Popescu, Nova Scotia

A wonderful symposium this weekend…yesterday afternoon I contemplated Craig’s wonderful lecture on the Bear and theriomorphic symbols. Especially the ambivalent role of the symbolic Bear in the western Judaic culture…especially in my home town of Stratford England…
~ Chris Wilkes, Alberta

The timing of my talk, its content, and the symposium constellations overall felt like we were tapped into something larger. May it all truly begin a new chapter for Canada and for Canadian Jungians. Thank you once again for a rich and nourishing time in AB.  What a fine symposium.  So nice to feel a nest in the West with my Jungian colleagues.
~ Muriel McMahon, Ontario

It was such a great time – one of the best professional get togethers that I have ever been at. The genuine interest and open sharing that everyone brought to the Symposium made it an exceptional event.
~ Catherine Ellis, British Columbia

All in all, the conference surpassed our hopes, mostly (I think) because those who attended were so happy to be there. I found it exciting to explore the Canadian psyche, and left feeling more connected to people who value the inner life, face similar challenges and share the same profession within this country. I was pleased to get to know analysts I’d heard of but never met. It was great to be part of the support, enthusiasm and vision that we generated together.
~ Peggy Voth, Alberta

The atmosphere the first evening was simply magical…..a number of people coming together who don’t know each other and who manage to connect in such a warm and authentic manner is really quite an accomplishment. [The president] carried a lot of eros in organizing it and that was evident in the feeling tone that was set from the very start. I was certain the rest of your time together would continue in the same vein…it was important for me to be there for the opening reception, and I am very happy to know that there are plans for it to continue and look forward to hearing about them.
~ Tom Kelly, Quebec